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Seaford House Clearances


From one room to a whole house  in Seaford – our clearances are quick, efficient and convenient.

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Why use A1 Seaford House Clearances?

Clearing a house can be a a huge task. It can take a lot of time, energy and under some circumstances is very emotionally difficult.  With Seaford House Clearances you can be sure the process will be as quick, easy and efficient as possible.

We offer full of part house clearances. So you could choose to have just a few items removed, a few rooms or a whole house cleared. Our friendly, dedicated team will provide you with a free no obligation quote prior to commencing work and if agreeable with you we will begin work at a convenient time.

What is included in a house clearance?

Our Seaford house clearances include removal of furniture and rubbish, metal recycling and we can destroy unwanted papers and computer hard drives. We have an additional cleaning service – particularly useful to landlords or in a house to be sold.

Why do people use a house clearance company?

There are many reasons people choose to have a house clearance  – after the death of a relative, as a landlord whose tenants left items behind, if moving house or just spring cleaning. At Seaford House Clearances  we understand that sometimes the reasons can be upsetting and difficult and will be fully respectful and as helpful as we can throughout the whole process. We work with letting agents, estate agents and solicitors to provide an unobtrusive service that fits around you. We can collect keys and return them at the end of the job – of course if you would like to oversee our work, we would be happy to have you around.

How do I get in touch?

Either fill in the quote form on this page or telephone us on 01273 857640 or 07711 244735. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss any Seaford House Clearances you may require.