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Upcycle Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Furniture Sales Brighton

At A1 House Clearances Brighton we sell a huge range of second hand furniture looking for someone to love. Chairs, tables, dressers, chests – you name it we have it!

We have seen an increase in the number of people looking to buy second hand furniture to upcycle and turn into something even more beautiful! Some of these are small businesses, creating items to sell on but many are people who just can’t find the perfect piece of furniture for their home and have decided to make their own.

There are many ways to upcycle furniture, using paint, wax, varnish, reupholstering to name but a few. Simple techniques can take very little time and skill – such as creating a distressed look on wooden furniture by painting an undercoat of one colour, a top coat of a complementary colour and sanding the to reveal the colour underneath. This can leave a furniture looking beautiful, but retaining the feeling of a well, loved piece. More complicated, yet easy to learn techniques include upholstering – changing the fabric on an item to suit your colour scheme There are many blogs and articles dedicated to helping you create the item of furniture of your dreams. Some companies even offer courses to teach you hands on how to make your furniture look its best for a relatively low cost

So if your struggling to find the perfect item of furniture to fit in your home – why not make your own. Visit our showroom in Poynings, Brighton to see the huge variety of furniture on sale and begin your very own creative project.

Some examples of the furniture waiting to be sold to become part of an upcycling project – or just waiting to find a new home and someone to love it as much as its original owner.

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