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Why buy second hand or vintage furniture?

Second hand chest of drawers

Second hand Furniture is Good for your Finances

If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a fortune furnishing and decorating your home, second hand furniture is perfect. Many pieces of second hand furniture are structurally sound and still look great; they were just not wanted any more by their previous owners. People change styles, have changing requirements, downsize, pass away etc and yet the furniture still may have a lot of years of use left. Even if there are slight defects you can repair these easily by repainting, by reupholstering, sanding out marks and scratches etc. By buying second hand or pre-loved, you are often able to buy a better quality product than you would be able to afford otherwise.

Second Hand Furniture is Good for the Environment

Buying second hand is environmentally responsible. You are saving something from landfill and extending its product life as well as not buying something new which in turn reduces your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions because of less production, raw material sourcing and logistics. It’s amazing what you can find on the side of the road the evening before council clean up. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Second Hand Furniture is Good – They don’t make it like they used to!

You can buy solid vintage furniture that is beautifully made and has already stood the test of time. Choosing second hand furniture allows you to buy higher quality furniture while still staying within a lower budget. When you are buying vintage furniture that the problems will already have shown themselves – if the wood is going to split or sag, it probably already would have.

Create your own style

Mix and matching old and new furniture and pieces is a great way to create a unique home décor style without spending very much money. In a society that increasingly prizes individuality, by not buying the latest trend that’s on sale in a huge department store or shopping at places like IKEA where millions of other people own the exact same item, buying second hand vintage pieces will create a fantastic eclectic look that will speak of your own style.

Our stock changes daily and we are always looking for top quality second hand furniture to buy.

Visit our showroom for plenty of second hand furniture Brighton at Poynings Cat Boarding Hotel, Henfield Road, Poynings BN45 7AZ. On the A281 between the Ginger Fox and Rushfield Garden Centre. Or ring us on 01273 857640 if you are looking for something in particular.


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